4 Things that make Commercial Office Space Heathrow wide a Great Place to Work

As the challenge of attracting staff back to the workplace intensifies, so too does finding ways of making the office a great place to work. Here we look at some of the top factors that today’s talent is demanding when it comes to choosing a place to work, and how to make your commercial office space in Heathrow attractive to top employees.

Since the pandemic took hold, priorities have changed, especially in the workplace. Many organisations are now adopting a hybrid working model, with time split between home and office. But when in the office, staff still want to feel at home. To be comfortable and able to move from space to space, completing tasks where they believe they can work more productively, whether that’s a desk, a breakout zone, a social space or a meeting room.

So what could encourage employees to rate your commercial office space in Heathrow as THE place to work?

Fitness facilities

Evidence abounds when it comes to the benefits of keeping active, not just for physical fitness, but for mental well-being too.

A workplace that supports health and fitness is one that’s favoured by today’s workforce. An onsite gym, showers and changing facilities will prove a great pull, as will cycle storage racks and free bicycle hire.

A study published in the British Medical Journal showed that cycling to work can considerably improve health, as well as promote alertness and improved mood. And when it comes to working out in a conveniently located onsite gym before work or during a lunch break, the benefits are just the same.

Healthy lighting

In a survey of 7,000 office workers across Europe, office supplies specialist Staples discovered that 80 per cent considered good lighting as important, and almost 33 per cent believed that improved lighting would boost their feelings of happiness in the workplace. More than two thirds stated that they would feel more valued by an employer who prioritised their health and well-being by providing suitable lighting.

What’s more, a study by the University of Birmingham suggested that lighting is a major factor in terms of workplace comfort, commenting that a lack of adequate lighting can reduce efficiency and adversely affect health.

Natural light is favoured for the workplace, with automatically controlled lighting that changes in line with environmental conditions, and individually controlled lighting, both close seconds. Near-natural lighting is a good compromise, with LED systems known to improve mood, reduce stress, and create a generally healthier and happier working environment.

Good indoor air quality

When the University of Birmingham carried out its study into workplace comfort, it revealed that temperature, humidity and ventilation play a significant role, and that any variation from acceptable conditions can reduce productivity and may even lead to harmful health effects.

Fresh air is crucial to a healthy workplace. It removes excess heat and dilutes impurities, as well as reducing transmission of viruses. The law states that all enclosed workspaces must have ‘effective and suitable ventilation which provides a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air’.

In an ideal scenario, an office will have opening windows to allow natural air flow. However, where this is not possible, an air conditioning and ventilation system will provide the replacement air and cooling necessary. The benefits of a system that can be intelligently and personally controlled, including flagging up when air quality falls below a set level of safety, and monitoring energy consumption, cannot be underestimated, and is a must for today’s heath and sustainability savvy workforce.

Flexible workspaces

No one wants to be tied to a desk these days, and achieving that sense of home at work is ever-important. A range of work zones is the name of the game, with flexible breakout areas featuring easy chairs to encourage staff to relax when they need to, just as they would when working from home and need some head space.

Social areas, meeting spaces, telephone pods and collaboration zones are all supportive of activity based working, where staff get to carry out tasks in the environment that best suits them and the task at hand.

Looking for commercial office space near Heathrow that meets the demands of today’s workforce?

If you are seeking on-trend, contemporary-designed commercial property to rent, Heathrow as a location could be ideal for you. As well as its fantastic transport links, Heathrow is well primed to

If you are looking for commercial office space, Heathrow is worth considering thanks to its excellent transport links and proximity to the airport. What’s more, the fact that it is just a stone’s throw from The Mille, one of West London’s most iconic buildings, makes it even more of a draw.

The Mille is a building that supports the demands of today’s workforce. Recently refurbished to an outstanding specification, The Mille presents a great deal of choice in terms of office space to rent, including co-working spaces and fully fitted, serviced offices. There are also open plan offices to let on a traditional lease basis, with access to serviced meeting rooms and an onsite café, perfect for creating a zoned workspace that’s ideal for activity based working.

An onsite gym, shower and changing facilities, covered bicycle storage and free of charge Brompton bikes support the fitness demands of the modern workforce, whilst excellent natural light, Fagerhult LED lighting and programmable DALI controlled lighting tick the box in terms of healthy lighting. There are also openable windows, and air conditioning with TREND controllers that make it possible for building owners to identify energy savings and enhance the building experience for occupants.

To learn more about how The Mille can meet the demands of today’s workforce, please feel free to contact one of our sole agents to arrange a viewing.

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