Brentford TW8 Developments

There have been grand plans for the Brentford Lock West, which is recently in Phase II of development. We are highly anticipating the completion of the River Brent waterside regeneration among other developments and the benefits they will provide for the community. Read more here about the progress and how it will affect our area.

New Building Plans

Brentford Lock West has plans to build seven new mixed-use developments – ranging from five to ten storeys high; however, the plan is awaiting some remedies by the Mayor since it does not fully comply with the London Plan. The majority of the apartments and townhouses have already been sold. The new developments will bolster the modern residential space with flexible commercial, community, leisure and public amenity accommodations, as well as widening the canal towpath for pedestrians and cyclists. The goal for completion of the final development phase is 2023. It will certainly lift the vibrant atmosphere of Brentford, encouraging young professionals and families to make it their home.

Improved Cycling Routes

This year, 2019, another 7km bicycle route will begin construction to run through Brentford Town Centre, Hammersmith and Kensington Olympia. It aims to make cycling and walking safer in the town. Naturally, transport and footfall may increase with the improved ease to travel through the area to and from other popular destinations. Increase shopping options will help attract the footfall in our town, however, hopefully visitors will be more inclined to walk or cycle. Small changes in making alternative transport options will make the difference in road traffic congestion and pollution in the longrun.

Reconstruction Plans

Brentford Lock West also has plans to reconstruct an old warehouse building. On the other side of River Brent, planning permission have been granted to transform the Morrisons on Half Acre into retail and residential apartment spaces. Construction work is expected to begin soon in 2020. Down the same street, a former police station has been demolished. The available is space is now reserved for the Watermans Arts Centre to relocate to and 105 new flats to be built (about 60% of which will be made for affordable pricing). Once the arts centre relocates to its new site, the old space will be used for development of 192 new residential homes.

A New Brentford High Street and Marina in the Horizon

Following the increase of young professionals and families moving in TW8, we can expect new restaurants and retailers to accommodate demand. The change in retail landscape will add to the freshening up Brentford High Street and new marina in River Brent.

New Job Opportunities and Value

In result of these new business opportunities being built, there could be close to a thousand new jobs created. Overall, in the next several years we can see land value increasing in Brentford’s TW8 postcode and we would welcome an even more dynamic business environment. There are many positives to the further redevelopments planned. The Mille is proud to be part of the future Great West Road.

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