Commuter Friendly Office Spaces in Brentford

A Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) could be applied to parking spaces in the Great West Corridor area of Brentford if Hounslow Council’s recommendations come to fruition. If it does happen, then businesses and other organisations occupying office spaces in Brentford would face a yearly charge for every parking space provided to staff members.

Workplace Parking Levies are placed on employers who provide staff with workplace parking spaces which they use regularly. The charge does not apply to parking spaces used by customers or visitors, and authorised blue badge holders are also exempt. In some areas of the UK such as Nottingham, smaller employers with fewer than ten parking spaces are excluded from the scheme.

In Brentford, it is reckoned that there are potentially in the region of 4,200 parking spaces that will be hit by the levy. WPL funds are collected by the local authority, which is required by law to spend them on improvements to the transport system.

With a range of annual charges up to £1,000 being considered, Hounslow Council is encouraging the use of alternative methods of commuting, citing it as ‘essential’.

What are the possible solutions for Brentford businesses?

For companies occupying office spaces in Brentford, or thinking about doing so, it is time to start considering what can be done to avoid the negative bottom line effects that the WPL could present should it be approved. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Use public transport

Encouraging staff to switch to public transport is one strategy. If your Brentford office space is not currently located within short walking distance of rail stations or bus links, it may be time to consider relocating.

If you are thinking about moving your business to the area or setting up a new office in Brentford, then you should seriously consider proximity to public transport links.

Cycle to work

There are many benefits to switching to cycling to work. From environmental advantages to enhancing health and fitness, it is no wonder that seven times more people cycled across central London in 2016 than in 1977.

Many London workers are already making the move towards the use of two wheels instead of four for their commutes. In fact, many employers are now being asked by staff to provide facilities such as bicycle storage, showers and lockers. Some employers even provide free folding bicycles. Many consider it a good way to attract and retain great people.

There is an extensive range of cycling trails in Brentford which could prove attractive to commuter cyclists looking to get out and about during their breaks or after work. From the Richmond Park circuit which can be tackled in around an hour with beautiful views to take in en-route, to shorter trips out to get away from the office and enjoy the peace and green space of Syon House or Boston Manor Park, there is much to relish for the Brentford cyclist.

Move closer

With an exciting regeneration scheme set to revitalise Brentford’s high street and create pedestrian links between the waterfront and the town centre, this is an area that is definitely on the up, and one that could prove a highly attractive draw for anyone looking to cut their commute time by relocating closer to the office.

The Brentford Project is a development that promises to improve and enhance the lives of residents and visitors. It is a promise that will be made possible by establishing a brand-new residential quarter comprising 876 homes, together with a lively entertainment, dining and retail scene set amidst a rejuvenated High Street.

Meandering slightly off the High Street, the development will present a host of independent stores and artisans set around The Lanes, a gentler paced getaway from the central bustle. The Lanes will twist and turn directly through to The Waterside, a newly revived hive of activity offering the perfect place to meet, chat, enjoy a coffee with friends and peruse the weekend markets.

Residents of the new development will benefit from an open-air pool; a members-only gym and spa and stunning outdoor space offering a complete wellness opportunity.

With all this to take in, moving closer to work in Brentford may just have become doubly attractive!

Office Spaces in Brentford at The Mille

The Mille is a recently refurbished landmark building situated on the Great West Road in Brentford. At just a three-minute walk from Brentford train station and only ten minutes from Boston Manor Tube, The Mille ticks the public transport box, and with its onsite bicycles, showers and locker facilities, it also puts a tick in the cyclist-friendly box too. Plus, it is within just a short commute (13-minute walk or 4-min cycle) from the new Brentford Project development.

The Mille presents a variety of modern working options suitable for a range of business types.

Interested in discovering commuter friendly office spaces in Brentford? Why not talk to one of our sole agents to arrange a viewing at The Mille?

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