How commercial office space near Heathrow is evolving

It is undeniable that the traditional commercial office space is being challenged on many fronts. In fact, as the pandemic continues to affect - and re-shape - many aspects of our lives, the property sector is also going through a fast-forwarding which would have taken decades to achieve otherwise.

Adaptation is to be the keyword in this scenario, with commercial office space near Heathrow shaping up to become the perfect hybrid spot that ticks all the necessary boxes. In this article, we look into what expectations tenants have for their workplaces and how Heathrow may well be sitting in the centre of it all.

The past and the future of commercial office space

The commercial real estate sector has historically been slow to change. Now bound to evolve at a fast pace, its future is quite uncertain and difficult to accurately predict. However, due to the high pressure being put on it to continuously deliver, real estate has to adapt - and do it quickly.

In some respect, the direction it is taking is evident as the product of the social change of recent years. In others, it is the result of a much-needed modernisation of the sector.

Benefits include an increased focus on wellbeing and healthy environments, as well as a more centred approach to tenants' experiences.

However, the evolution is accelerating the path in which the office space had been already on before the pandemic started. The latter is primarily dependent on modern societal dynamics and what the new generation of workers is demanding from businesses.

In the end, focus on tenants and their employees' requirements will keep shaping the workplace, on the assumption that workplaces need to be people-centric.

Commercial office space near Heathrow is shaped to be hybrid

By the end of this pandemic, the commercial office space will deliver a fairly different entity, one resulted from the changed expectations of tenants and their employees.

The past few months have seen many trends drive this journey: from hub & spoke de-localisation, to new tenant propositions, flexible week-day work, plug & play workplaces and new healthy building requirements (discover more about the 4 Trends Driving The Choice For Office Space Near Heathrow).

What is clear to see is that dynamic elements and a hybrid concept will define the future of the commercial office space near Heathrow.

The hub & spoke localisation shift and micro-office trend

The growing interest in a hub & spoke business model sees a geographically distributed structure where a central office remains in the big city centre, available for important meetings and events. Smaller satellite offices, instead, are positioned in surrounding suburban areas, for a much shorter commuter distance.

These satellite offices, also called micro-offices, are designed to provide flexibility and better work-life balance to employees, whilst keeping the business dynamic.

Flexible and remote working was already becoming increasingly more popular before this pandemic struck. Now, after working from home for months, employees have come to rely on the flexibility and higher freedom this way of working entails.

However, a new value of the office came to the fore, as well. As providers of social interaction, collaboration and a clear distinction between work and private life, workplaces offer a space designed for productivity, as well as resilience and wellbeing.

Heathrow is perfectly positioned for this with its impressive transport links and 50-minute drive from London. Being the location of the best-known international airport in the UK, Heathrow and its surrounding districts also offer unparalleled benefits to businesses setting up home in the area, invaluable to both well-established and growing companies.

Employees living or moving to this location will gain shorter commutes or easy access to cycling paths, as well as a well-served area rich in amenities, green spaces and the commodity of being near home.

The Mille, the office space near Heathrow that ticks all the boxes

The Mille is a recently refurbished landmark building situated on the Great West Road in Brentford, in very close proximity to Heathrow and London.

This building offers 'plug & play' office solutions as well as co-working options. It also includes amenities such as a newly added gym, on-site parking space, changing room and shower facilities, cutting edge technology and 24-hour access and security.

If you are considering renting office space near Heathrow, The Mille could very well be the answer to your search. Get in touch with one of our sole agents and arrange an exclusive viewing today.

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