How Commercial Property to Let in Brentford can Support Business Strategies

With employers keen to attract their staff back into the workplace post-COVID, there are various initiatives to consider that could help with the transition back from remote working. Here, we delve into some of those actions and explore why, when looking for office space to rent, Heathrow could make the perfect location for companies seeking flexibility and the potential to adopt the now on-trend 'hybrid' way of working.

The way people work has been altered in the pandemic's wake with the value of commercial property to let, in Brentford and beyond, being affected as a consequence. But this appears to have been a temporary phase.

Research has begun to reveal that office space remains of vital importance to various aspects of business strategy. Whilst corporate needs may have changed irrevocably because of COVID-19 and priorities re-ordered, there is little doubt that real estate will remain central to business success. Join us as we explore why commercial property continues to matter post-pandemic.

You could be forgiven for thinking that commercial property has been devalued somewhat following the mass wave of remote working brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. But in actuality, business leaders still see a great deal of advantages in the office. From acting as an environmental, social and corporate governance asset within the enterprise to buoying diversity and inclusion and supporting talent management and enhancing collaboration, there is much to be said for commercial real estate.

Let's take a closer look at four of the top reasons why commercial property continues to very much matter.

1. Talent attraction and retention

Whether it's part of a hybrid working programme, activity-based working, the hub and spoke approach, or something else, an attractive place to work is a notable draw for good talent. And it helps to retain the best people, too.

Office space designed with thought behind it should promote workplace well-being and social interaction. It has to be appealing and a healthy place to work in, be conveniently located and always make it easier to attract people committed to the business's values and who buy into its growth.

Top facilities currently in demand within commercial property to rent include onsite gyms, showers and lockers, cycle storage, on-premise dining, click and collect facilities, and breakout and sanctuary spaces designed to support good mental health.

2. Brand image

Commercial property is increasingly being seen as a tactic that supports the positioning and image of a brand.

Office space can effectively showcase the core values and mission of an organisation, as well as being a facilitator for engagement. The more consideration is given to creating a brand-aligned space, the better position a company will be in when it comes to supporting the organisational culture.

The influence of real estate upon brand positioning extends further than customer audiences. The way a work environment represents a brand will also impact the way potential staff view an organisation, which in turn will affect talent attraction, leading back to our first reason why commercial property still matters.

Staff well-being

Following directly on from talent attraction and retention - and even though the nine-to-five working model is widely being replaced with the hybrid approach - commercial property is still considered central to staff well-being.

Interaction, collaboration, safety, socialising, mentoring, training and support are all features of the office-based workspace that will never be directly replicated by any digital remote working solution such as online conferencing. They are also features that are incredibly important to workplace well-being.

Employers are acutely aware of this fact and are investing in richer working environments that support staff well-being and mental health.

Cost savings

Cost-cutting initiatives are a natural result of the pandemic in many respects, and many business owners will now look to real estate to find ways of making savings.

Whether that involves relocating, downsizing, optimising workspace to draw the most value out of it, implementing smart technologies to flexibly manage hybrid work, or switching to a shorter term or flexible lease, there will usually be ways of striking a balance between keeping costs to a minimum and maximising worth in terms of employee satisfaction, all courtesy of real estate.

Seeking commercial property to let? Brentford and The Mille could offer the solution that supports all your important business strategies

For organisations seeking to support their growth-critical business strategies, commercial property to let in Brentford could be the ultimate solution, particularly The Mille, a refurbished iconic building situated on the popular commercial district of the Great West Road.

Boasting excellent transport links, with Waterloo just a 30-minute train ride away and Heathrow Airport only 15 minutes by car, Brentford is a popular place to set up an office.

The Mille itself is a fully refurbished office building, brimming with appealing features and offering all the modern conveniences known to attract and retain the best people.

Onsite car parking, covered cycle storage, free Brompton bicycle hire, and an on-premise café are only some of this attractive commercial property features. Even better, the building offers fully fitted options and a choice of unfurnished spaces that can be tailored precisely to suit the individual approach to working that works best for your business.

Looking for commercial property to let in Brentford? The Mille could prove the ideal solution. Our sole agents are ready and waiting to show you around, so why not make an appointment?

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