How the S of ESG is Changing Office to Let Near Heathrow

The ‘E’ side of Environmental Social Governance has, for some time, been the dominant factor. However, the pandemic of 2020 has pushed the importance of social sustainability. When it comes to workplace design, employee comfort is now more essential than ever. But what are the key factors to look for to ensure your workforce can enjoy the best possible working environment, and where can you find all you need in terms of comfort and flexibility when looking for an office to let near Heathrow?

How ESG is driving the change for office to let

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) has been high on the agenda in office design for some time. Still, the spotlight has mainly hovered around the ‘E’ side of things, with environmental sustainability topping the priority list for many organisations looking to buy or rent office space whilst keeping an eye on their environmental impact.

Bolstered in some respects by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the ‘S’ angle - the social side - has been thrust into the foreground. There is heightened focus now on corporate responsibility, especially around employee wellbeing.

The importance of designing workspaces that create the best possible conditions for people to thrive has excelled considerably. By investing in spaces that put the health of workers first, and by prioritising people’s needs for comfort, ease of communication and social unity, a stronger foundation is formed, ready to create a more sustainable future. This concept has never been as crucial as during the recent challenging times.

Workplace comfort boosts the mood, and when people are happier, they tend to work harder. This, in turn, has a significant effect on productivity.

So, when it comes to workplace comfort, what is it that makes a difference? And how exactly does it make a difference? Let’s take a closer look at the workplace design trends that are fuelling social sustainability, and employee engagement.

Natural light and outdoor views

Physical comfort plays a vital role in people’s everyday life, and surveys have shown that large proportions of workers identify outdoor views and natural light as considerably important.

Open workspaces that are flooded with natural light and designed to reveal more of the outdoors show greater consideration for staff, boosting employee engagement.


Worker satisfaction is known to be boosted where variety plays a part in the design of the office layout. Blending workstations with breakout zones, meeting areas and hospitality points break up the monotony, which in turn stimulates the senses and encourages creativity.

Bearing in mind the majority of office workers have at some point this year got used to working from home, surrounded by their personal comforts and with the freedom to move from one room to another, any workplace layout that offers a degree of variety is sure to help make people feel more comfortable.

Open plan layout

Open plan working areas promote interaction and bolster a culture of support and collaboration.

Choosing office space that allows flexibility to place furniture and partitioning is essential. Being able to optimise the work environment so that noise is kept at a comfortable level, and so that privacy is afforded where required, is equally vital.


Research has shown that plants can help enhance the mood and boost productivity. Plants also offer the benefit of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which help improve the workplace air quality and create a healthier place to work.

Plants in an office environment are also known to lessen stress, reduce sickness absence, reduce noise levels and boost creativity.


One of the biggest influencers of workplace comfort has to be temperature. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued guidance on recommended temperature levels, as well as advice on how business owners can ensure a comfortable working environment.

When searching for an office to let or buy, it is wise to look for modern temperature, heating and ventilation control systems. Most contemporary and refurbished buildings will offer smart controls that are capable of achieving optimum working conditions.

Looking for an office to let near Heathrow? The Mille could be the ideal location ticking ALL the social sustainability boxes.

The Mille is a striking landmark building situated in Brentford. Close to Heathrow, the building is beautifully refurbished and offers an array of features designed around employee comfort. Such features include a newly added gym, bicycle storage, showers and changing rooms, air conditioning with Trend controllers, an onsite cafeteria, exceptional levels of natural light and openable windows, and serviced meeting rooms.

If you are looking for an office to let near Heathrow with the option of fully fitted, serviced office or co-working, why not get in touch with one of our sole agents to arrange an exclusive viewing?

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