How to Attract Staff Back to the Office Space, Heathrow and Beyond

With employers keen to attract their staff back into the workplace post-COVID, there are various initiatives to consider that could help with the transition back from remote working. Here, we delve into some of those actions and explore why, when looking for office space to rent, Heathrow could make the perfect location for companies seeking flexibility and the potential to adopt the now on-trend 'hybrid' way of working.

The remote working trend brought about by the global pandemic showed that resilience and adaptability are alive and well within companies the world over. A movement that kept businesses up and running during incredibly challenging times, remote working has proved to be a positive phenomenon, with 83 per cent of employers surveyed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) saying they'd found it successful.

The trouble is, whilst remote working has been a fruitful survival strategy for many organisations, now that it's time to get back to the office, employers are finding themselves coming up against a number of roadblocks, with swathes of workers expressing their desire to continue working from home, or at least work on a hybrid basis, with time split across home and office.

There are clear advantages and disadvantages on both sides. A connected workforce is an efficient, buoyed and productive workforce. With direct access to mentoring, training and pastoral care, as well as a feeling of connectedness, workers benefit in many ways from being around their colleagues.

And the transition back to the office isn't always negative, notably when workplaces have been altered in line with changing trends to serve the workers' changing needs. But of course, not everyone feels the same. In fact, the PwC survey revealed that over half of employees had a desire to work remotely at least three days per week.

With the importance of home and family ringing so prominently due to the effects of COVID-19, employers must seek to strike a balance between the personal needs of their workforce and their own plans for rekindling the office culture.

There are various ways in which employers can approach the task that's before them.

Emphasising safety when looking for office space to rent, Heathrow and beyond

One of the key issues raised by so many workers concerns how safe they will be when they return to the office. Staff need to feel safe in both a physical and mental sense.

Employers, therefore, need to invest in making their offices safe places to be and then be good at communicating the steps they've taken to do so.

Measures may include physical distancing, enhanced cleaning, the provision of hygiene products and PPE, staggered start times, COVID testing and symptom checking.

Some employers have gone to great lengths to ensure their workers feel at ease in the office. Google, for example, has introduced auto-adjusting desks that alter to suit the personal preferences of staff, personalised temperature settings for the ultimate workstation comfort and even' balloon walls' that inflate on-demand to create private physical barriers.

Of course, Google is well known for its eccentric style, so the more down to earth businesses looking for office space to rent in Heathrow or beyond are adopting something more of a relaxed approach to making staff feel at home.

Meeting rooms and pods are replacing banks of desks.

Technology and private meeting space are being prioritised over physical desk space.

All over London, well-known companies are preparing for the welcome return of their people. Uber has installed digital whiteboards for collaborative sessions. And Microsoft is road-testing hybrid meeting spaces that simulate face to face interactions.

Introducing hybrid working, to your office routine

Hybrid working is a combination of remote and office-based working.

Where a compromise is offered, staff will be appreciative. A split between working from home and working in the office has to provide the best of both worlds.

The hybrid trend is already burgeoning and it's having quite an effect on how businesses approach their search for office space to rent.

Heathrow companies, for example, are looking at downsizing and switching to flexible workspaces. Shorter-term leases are becoming the preferred choice according to ARK coworking, which says that flexibility is vital, with SMB businesses choosing smaller spaces and staying local so that workers can dip in and out of the office.

Adapting your workspace to better meet needs

As already mentioned, many employers are altering their office layouts to meet COVID-influenced design trends.

Adaptations include bringing a sense of home into the workplace, perhaps by introducing soft furnishings, natural-toned décor, plants and warm lighting.

Flexible breakout areas are also becoming popular, featuring comfy chairs, encouraging staff to chill out when they need to, just like they would when they work from home and need some clear thinking space.

Smart technology is being introduced, too, giving wellbeing and comfort centre stage. Controlled temperature and lighting allow workers to choose their preferred settings, making the office experience a personal one.

Choose an office to rent that's built around flexibility

An office to rent that offers you the flexibility to adapt layouts to suit the latest trends and demands as people return to the workplace is a wise move. The same is true for one that offers all the comforts of home as the standard, such as kitchen areas, an onsite café, a gym, showers and lockers, meeting room hire, and potential for breakout spaces.

If you can find an office to rent that offers a short term lease, as well as flexible coworking spaces, then all the better.

If you are looking for office space to rent, Heathrow makes for an attractive location and is well worth considering. With its excellent transport links and proximity to the airport, it is an area that won't ever be bypassed by those looking to expand into international markets.

The fact that it is just a few miles from The Mille, one of West London's most standout buildings, makes it even more appealing.

The Mille is a building that supports the new hybrid model of working and will help you attract staff back to the workplace.

Recently refurbished to the highest specification, The Mille offers an array of choice when it comes to office space to rent, including coworking spaces; fully fitted, serviced offices, and open-plan offices for rent on a traditional lease basis.

Features that fit with the home-from-home approach include controllable lighting, natural décor, kitchens, an onsite café, a gym, showers and bicycle hire and storage.

Looking for office space to rent? Heathrow sounds appealing? Consider The Mille

To learn more about how The Mille can service your desire for office space to rent near Heathrow, please feel free to contact one of our sole agents to arrange a viewing at The Mille.

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