How to Promote Great Team Relationships Through Sport

Positive working relationships fuel team success, and the importance of teams in the workplace can never be over-emphasised. Teams work towards the same goals, which is always beneficial for a business. Cohesive teams promote a friendlier working atmosphere and a more enjoyable work experience, both of which lead to a higher level of morale, resulting in a better service for customers. But how to achieve the ideal team?

Let’s take a look at sport for a moment, and its impact on the workplace. A major study, conducted by The Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC), assessed the impact of sporting success and failure on the UK workplace. The results revealed that sport, and conversations between staff and customers, managers and staff, can have a positive impact on boosting morale and improving mood, motivation and productivity in the working environment.

The majority of respondents in the study said that major sporting events such as World Cup football, Wimbledon, the Ashes and the Rugby World Cup boost morale and create a team spirit, providing an environment for social inclusion.

Sport enhances creativity and promotes the sharing of ideas

The study also revealed that it is not just events that trigger positive responses amongst work colleagues. Simply just ‘talking sport’ can be a good way to break down barriers. It can enhance creativity and promote the sharing of ideas. All majorly beneficial in the working environment.

Most of the men and women interviewed agreed that employers and employees can learn valuable lessons from sport. These include the value of working as a team; identifying and influencing what makes a good team player; the importance of committment and dedication; the significance of collective responsibility and the value of individual creativity. Sport can also teach managers about the importance of thinking imaginatively.

Most respondents suggested that employers and employees could make better use of sport to enhance morale and productivity in the workplace, suggesting that employers could encourage staff to watch sport together. Being actively involved in sport was also considered motivational, and that encouraging staff to play sport together would be a powerful method of team bonding.

How to bring sport into your working environment

Of course, not everyone is the sporty type, and some are not able to physically play. If you are keen to bring your workplace teams together through sport, how about encouraging involvement in a fantasy league?

Fantasy leagues allow participants to put together their own imaginary teams consisting of real-life players from the sporting world. Based on the actual performance of the professional players, the imaginary teams earn points. The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the season. There are plenty of leagues to choose from including football, rugby, cricket and tennis.

Supporting a local team is another great way to use sport to your advantage as an employer.

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The stadium, opening in the summer of 2020 ready for the 20/21 season, will be capable of hosting 17,250 spectators including 150 wheelchair spaces and five premium lounges, perfect for team events and client hospitality!

Meantime, the team’s home games are played at Griffin Park. Why not look at getting your team together for a few matches in 2020? The last games at the existing stadium, home to Brentford F.C. since 1904, are bound to be very special. Brentford meet Stoke City in the FA Cup third round on 4th January, and QPR in the Championship on the 11th, both home games. There are ten more home games over the rest of the season.

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