Office to Let: Brentford and the Hub & Spoke Approach

The post-pandemic workplace is set to be a very different place, with decentralisation becoming the norm as businesses look to future-proof their operations in the light of uncertainty. Here we explore the emerging trend for the 'hub and spoke' workplace model, and take a look at why when seeking an office to let, Brentford could prove the perfect choice.

The current pandemic has influenced so many aspects of life, not least the way we work. Virtual working has become the norm over the past few months, and businesses UK-wide have proved that they are up to the job.

Organisations have become so adept at working and collaborating in the digital realm, that many are beginning to rethink their workspace requirements. One of the trends starting to emerge as a result is the 'hub and spoke' model, where companies move away from a single centralised headquarter, in favour of multiple, smaller satellite offices that are strategically positioned in easily accessible locations. These locations are usually out of town, yet well-connected, and particularly attractive for living and socialising.

What is the hub and spoke model?

There has already been a move to satellite co-working spaces, but the pandemic appears to have accelerated the trend even further. Work is set to become increasingly local on a more permanent basis, with companies choosing offices that are closer to people's homes so that commuting time is reduced. But there is still a need for people to work together, to distinguish between office and personal life, and to enjoy the motivation, comradeship, connection and support that only comes from a shared workspace.

With the hub and spoke model, existing headquarters are transformed into 'hubs' that are focused on meeting and collaboration. The centre of the network, this is where relationships are strengthened. Where teams spread across satellite offices, and those who work remotely, come together. For those workers who live in the surrounding area, the hub will remain their local office, but for the most part, this workspace is all about supporting larger events and reinforcing company culture.

The 'spokes' of the hub and spoke model play an essential role in reducing the time employees spend commuting.

These are the smaller, satellite offices that continue to provide a place for workers to connect outside of the hub regularly. Still, they are strategically incorporated into the suburbs of major cities, closer to people’s homes so that employees can enjoy the best of both worlds: an improved work-life balance, and the merits of physical collaboration. All of which contribute towards enhanced productivity levels and greater staff retention rates.

Essential features of the 'spoke' offices are those that make workers feel at home. Breakout areas, kitchens, showers and bicycle storage, gyms and onsite cafés are all modern elements that enhance the working day. Surroundings are crucial, too. Green spaces, places to eat, drink and be entertained, and local services all make a difference.

For the larger organisation, an array of spokes could be situated around various locations to make up a more substantial yet flexible corporate ecosystem.

As businesses explore a decentralised approach to the workplace, the hub and spoke model will empower them to adapt and ready themselves for a future that isn’t clear cut.

No one knows for sure whether remote working is here to stay, but something that is certain is when businesses build themselves around flexibility and responsiveness to change, they will be the ones that thrive.

Office to let: Brentford could make the ideal choice for a business looking to decentralise

For companies looking for an office to let, Brentford as a location offers a great deal. From traditional lets to serviced offices and flexible co-working spaces, choice abounds. Even better is the fact that rental rates in Brentford tend to be lower than Central London.

The area is very well-connected transport wise, with Waterloo just 30 minutes away by train and Heathrow Airport only 15 minutes by car. What's more, Brentford and its attractive River Thames location makes the ideal place to live with ample, reasonably priced quality housing, so it fits perfectly into the hub and spoke model. For a future-friendly office to let, Brentford and The Mille could be the game-changers you are looking for.

The Mille is a recently refurbished landmark building located on the Great West Road in Brentford

The building is feature-rich and therefore appealing to any business seeking a future-proof office rental location. Modern technology includes TREND controlled air conditioning, DALI controlled lighting and superfast fibre-optic broadband. Car parking on site, a café, covered cycle racks and free Brompton bicycle hire, and 24-hour access and security all come as standard. Open plan and fully fitted offices are available, together with serviced meeting rooms, offices and co-working spaces.

Looking for a London office to let? Brentford could be the answer. Why not talk through your requirements with one of our sole agents and arrange a viewing at The Mille?

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