What Makes the Ideal Office?

What Makes the Ideal Office?

The working environment plays a vital role in staff well-being, in boosting productivity and in attracting and retaining good people too. But what exactly makes the ideal office? From modern features to open plan working, and from spaces that fit with current work culture to those that deliver on convenience for employers, we look at some of the top elements that make up the ideal office.

1. Modern features

These days, workers are looking for much more than a comfortable desk and a place to eat their packed lunch. Today, the ideal office environment will offer an array of features and facilities, from an onsite gym and café, to showers and changing facilities complete with complimentary linen, and bicycle hire and storage.

Today’s workforce also thrives on the likes of natural light, opening windows to let in fresh air, plants and living walls, onsite car parking, and fully fitted kitchens.

High speed internet and controllable lighting and air conditioning are also becoming must-haves.

2. Open plan working

There are many benefits of an open plan office. It encourages collaboration and communication, assists with training and mentoring, and improves company culture, providing a much more sociable setting.

Working together, staff feel included, happy and more fulfilled in their roles, and this in turn boosts productivity. And that’s precisely why the open plan office can be the ideal office.

3. Hybrid and activity based working friendly

The ideal office is one that supports hybrid and activity based working, both of which are current trends in work culture.

It’s all about creating zones, and a space that’s home from home. So combining the modern features we’ve already talked about, with the likes of breakout spaces with comfy chairs, telephone pods for privacy, meeting rooms, co-working spaces and collaboration areas.

4. Location

Location also plays a crucial role in creating the ideal office. It needs to be easily accessible, close to public transport and road links, to make for an easy commute.

What’s offered within the surrounding area is also important. From shops and eateries, to handy services and green spaces, workers will be looking for a lot more than just what’s inside the office.

5. Works for employers too

Of course, the ideal office isn’t just about the staff. It needs to work for employers too. Here are some of the top features that bosses should be looking for:

Ready to move into

A fully fitted office that’s ready to move into provides complete convenience. Without having to worry about purchasing furniture, aside from cutting out the additional expense, there’s more time to focus on the many other things that need to be done when moving in to a new office.

Concierge and reception

Concierge and reception services really can make such a difference for the business owner. A receptionist creates an impeccable impression with visitors and streamlines meeting space bookings, whilst a concierge will expertly handle any issues or requests, making the working day run so much more smoothly.

Serviced office

With just one set fee to pay every month including the rent, a serviced office makes things a great deal more straightforward for the business owner. Services will often include the aforementioned reception and concierge, as well as cleaning, and sometimes utilities too.

24-hour access

Not every business works nine to five. The ideal office is one that can be safely accessed any time, providing total flexibility for employers and workers alike.

Looking for the ideal office? Look to The Mille.

If you have been actively seeking the ideal office, why not discover what The Mille has to offer?

Nestled in the heart of West London on the popular Great West Road in Brentford, The Mille is a building that presents much in the way of modern features. There’s an onsite gym, shower and changing facilities, covered bicycle storage and Brompton bikes which can be hired free of charge. Openable windows and plenty of natural light all contribute towards the perfect open plan office environment.

The building offers co-working spaces and fully fitted, serviced offices, all with access to serviced meeting rooms and an onsite café.

To discover how The Mille could provide the ideal office space you’ve been looking for, please feel free to contact one of our sole agents to arrange a viewing.

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