Why Flexible Office to Rent near Heathrow is on the up post-COVID-19

People are returning to the workplace following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is a distinct shift in demand towards facilities-rich office spaces in more suburban locations that can be easily reached by road or bicycle. Here, we explore the emerging trends for office space post-COVID, including a look at why when seeking an office to rent Heathrow could well prove the ideal location.

The pandemic has led many companies to realise that flexible working is the way forward. Remote working may have become the norm over the past few months. Still, it is apparent that there is a desire for a return to office life, albeit with a balanced split that combines home working and office working.

People are returning to the workplace, but office-home shift patterns are emerging with the aim of keeping office numbers down in an attempt to stem the further spread of the virus. As a result, organisations may be finding that they could perhaps make do with less office space. However, this office space needs to deliver in many more ways than it used to. It has to offer resilience, flexibility, modern features and plenty of services designed to help occupants be more productive, such as sustainability and well-being solutions and digital technology. In other words, older buildings that lack contemporary facilities are just not going to cut it any more.

Increasing demand for modern office facilities

David Gooderham, global account director of Global engineering experts WSP in London, says that the office will need to become a destination with a purpose.

"If people continue to be the driver for change, as the most important component of an organisation's profitability, businesses will have to provide safe working environments that increase the feel-good factor and ultimately raise productivity and creativity. There's much that we can learn from this lockdown period to make the workplace better and our interactions with it more effective."

It is also believed that the 'hotelisation' of office space will continue as a trend, with workplaces bringing in a variety of the home comforts that people have come to know and love. From planting and outside space to kitchen areas, showers and soft furnishings, workplaces could start to become more like an extension of home — Cosier, but still creating distance between people in subtle ways.

Office layouts, furniture and other design solutions will be carefully considered to create separation and a feeling of safety. Still, they'll have to be comfortable and continue to promote the all-important teamwork and collaboration that are fuelling the movement for the return to the office.

Office location will become ever-more important

Location has always been a vital driving factor when choosing office space to rent. However, with workplaces re-opening with physical distancing measures in place, and the natural concern for many workers surrounding commuting on public transport during the pandemic, suburban office locations that can be reached by car or bicycle will tend to see a return to regular operation much more swiftly. They could well become more desirable for those seeking office rentals too.

The fact remains, though, that offices need to be a place where people feel compelled to go, a place to work together, to exchange ideas, to get inspired and to learn from experienced colleagues.

Office facilities play an essential role here, but then so does location. Somewhere that's well-connected and has plenty to offer entertainment and leisure wise is going to be even more critical following the pandemic.

So, if businesses no longer require as much space because of the home-office working split, they may decide to move to a different solution. Rather than reduce their rental bill, they would be better off spending an equal sum on a smaller space in a facilities-rich building within a more attractive destination that better suits employees and the 'new normal'. For companies looking for an office to rent, Heathrow could well prove the ultimate location that ticks all these boxes.

For an office to Rent Heathrow and The Mille make first-class choices

The Mille is a recently refurbished landmark building located on the Great West Road in Brentford. Very close to Heathrow, it's at a short distance from many amenities and road transport links as well.

The building is feature-rich so attractive to the business seeking the ideal post-COVID office rental location. Modern technology includes TREND controlled air conditioning, DALI controlled lighting and superfast fibre-optic broadband. There's also onsite car parking, an onsite café, covered cycle racks and free Brompton bicycle hire, and 24-hour access and security. Options include open plan and fully fitted offices as well as serviced meeting rooms, offices and co-working.

To learn more about renting an office in Heathrow, you are welcome to contact one of our sole agents to arrange a viewing at The Mille.

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