Why Office to Let, Heathrow and Beyond, is Getting Greener

When it comes to finding the perfect location for your business, sourcing an office that's close to green space offers several benefits. Here we discuss the many merits of working close to urban green areas and how, when it comes to choosing an office to let, Heathrow could prove a good choice.

Mental health issues are a significant cause of disability and disease on a global scale. There is, therefore, an increasing need to protect and promote mental health. A growing body of research demonstrates that green spaces could play an essential role in doing so, as exposure to nature has been proven to deliver significant mental health benefits.

The World Health Organisation says that urban green spaces can promote mental and physical health and provide psychological relaxation, alleviate stress, stimulate social cohesion, support physical activity, and reduce exposure to air pollutants, noise, and excessive heat.

What are urban green spaces?

Urban green spaces are open locations wholly or partly covered by natural elements. They can be parks, woodlands, gardens, urban zones purposely planted with trees or plants, or even the last trend: parklets.

These are areas that provide people with everyday access to nature within their living or working environment. They are becoming increasingly important due to rapid worldwide urbanisation and the fact that more people than ever are living and working within built-up areas.

What are the benefits of green spaces?

When living or working within urban environments, exposure to nature can be invaluable for physical and mental well-being. We are all, as human beings, suggested to have an intrinsic urge to connect with nature.

Where we can spend time around greenery during the working day, we can benefit from reduced stress, greater ability to concentrate, heightened levels of attention, improved mood and more self-esteem.

Scientifically, spending time in green spaces has been shown to produce patterns of chemicals in the brain connected with low stress and positive effects on blood pressure. Positive links have also been revealed between green space and how well people perform regarding tasks that demand high levels of attention and concentration.

Green areas encourage physical activity by providing an appealing environment in which to exercise. Woodland trails, cycle paths, and sport and community parks help compel people to up their physical activity. In the UK, only a third of the population achieves the recommended level of exercise. The impact of this on our health is reckoned to cost the economy £1 billion per year alone.

Urban green spaces offer a pleasant place to relax and get together. They promote greater levels of social activity and enhanced neighbourhood relationships, which positively impact both local living and working environments.

What is the future of urban green spaces?

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has published its 'Principles for delivering urban Nature-based Solutions' (NBS). The principles are designed to assist developers and property owners incorporate NBS within the construction and operation of built assets.

The report claims that the development and function of the built environment has considerable impacts upon climate and biodiversity, both on a local and global scale.
The Environment Bill, currently at the report stage in the House of Commons, will legislate for biodiversity net gain on new developments. At the same time, communities within our towns and cities are requesting more green space and nature, partly driven by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking for an office to let with green space on the doorstep?

The benefits of locating an office near a green space are clear. If you seek an office to let, Heathrow as a location could be ideal for you if you value your staff's mental and physical well-being.

Whilst the area may be known first and foremost for its airport, it is actually a location surrounded by green spaces.

Bedfont Lakes Country Park is a 72.5-hectare nature reserve and site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature conservation. It is just under two and a half miles from Heathrow.

Cranford Country Park, just over two and a half miles from Heathrow, offers a diversity of wildlife and habitats, including wildflower meadows, grassland and ornamental woodland, together with the wetland of the River Crane. A large part of it is a Conservation Area, populated by a number of Grade II Listed buildings.

Hounslow Heath is a local nature reserve.

The public open space covers 200 acres and borders the River Crane, just two miles from Heathrow.

In terms of an office to let, Heathrow is just 10 miles from The Mille, an iconic West London landmark building.

Recently refurbished to the highest standards, The Mille is located on the Great West Road in Brentford, very close to Heathrow. It is near Boston Manor Park, a large public park consisting of woodland and open space, with an area adjoining the Grand Union Canal.

The Mille offers a range of commercial office space designed to work with today's changing working landscape.

This includes co-working spaces, fully fitted, serviced offices, and open-plan offices for rent on a traditional lease basis. To suit the office-at-home approach to working, there are kitchens, an onsite café, a gym, showers and bicycle hire and storage.

Seeking commercial property to rent near Heathrow? Look to The Mille

To learn more about how The Mille could satisfy your office to let Heathrow needs, please contact one of our sole agents to arrange a viewing at The Mille.

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