Why Sustainable Office Space is Heathrow/’s Future

Relocating to new office space is one of the best opportunities you’ll have as a business to achieve sustainability, something that’s said to be in demand by employees and that is shaping the future of working environments.

If you are seeking office space to rent in Heathrow, here’s why considering sustainability really matters, and what you should be on the lookout for when it comes to achieving it.

Why do workers want sustainable offices?

According to a survey commissioned by office design specialist Morgan Lovell, 73% of UK office workers believe that a sustainable workplace boosts productivity, and 72% believe that working in a sustainable environment is important.

A sustainable office is equal to a healthy environment, something that will be naturally attractive to any workforce. What’s more, people are more likely to be drawn towards an employer that takes responsible steps towards the wider environment, not least because it makes them feel they are doing their bit too.

What are the benefits to businesses of a sustainable office?

There are numerous benefits to the sustainable office. Let’s take a look:

  • Reduced fuel bills through energy efficiency
  • Lowered resource consumption through recycling
  • Boosted morale and productivity through a healthier and calmer place to work
  • Enhanced reputation through environmental consideration
  • Greater staff retention through providing a better workspace

What defines a sustainable office?

40 per cent of the Morgan Lovell survey respondents considered energy efficiency as most important when defining sustainability, followed by 25 per cent citing recycling, 10 per cent low carbon emissions, and 9 per cent natural light.

Morgan Lovell’s managing director Peter Weston, led by industry research, has stated that improving indoor air quality by using low VOC materials and boosting ventilation can lead to an 8-11 per cent boost in productivity. He believes that sustainability can therefore also be defined by an improvement in health, well-being and productivity.

In reality, a sustainable office building can mean many different things, but all in all, it’s about reducing negative effects on the planet as a whole and in doing so enhancing well-being for those who use the workspace.

How to create a sustainable office space?

Various strategies can be adopted that will help to create a sustainable office space:

Go natural

Most sustainable office environments are inclined to feature natural elements such as plants, live walls and green spaces. Plants boost oxygen levels which improve air quality leading to enhanced health and well-being. Research has revealed that increasing the number of natural elements in an office will impact positively on morale.

Efficient air filters are another way to improve air quality. They work by removing allergens from the air, purifying it so that it’s cleaner for workers to breathe in.

Go smart

Smart building management systems allow the precision and automated control of everything from lighting and ventilation to heating and air conditioning. With lights and heating being switched off automatically when sensors detect there is no one in a room, there is incredible scope for energy savings.

Benefits are manifold, not only do these systems make it possible to create user-centric working environments and prevent energy waste, but they also deliver highly detailed data that allows money-saving strategies to be implemented.

Go green

Cutting down on resource consumption, from paper to electricity, and promoting a recycling culture within your office will make a considerable difference to the carbon footprint of your business.

Instil a recycling and re-use policy, educating staff on the importance of only printing when necessary, re-using scrap paper and switching from single-use to reusable mugs and bottles. Introduce recycling points for the likes of batteries and ink or laser cartridges.

Replacing ageing appliances with energy-efficient alternatives, turning off lights and using energy management features on monitors will all help considerably.

Making the right choices when renting office space

It is clear to see the benefits of a sustainable office and why it is set to be the future for businesses renting commercial premises.

If sustainability is what you want when you rent office space, here are some features to look out for:

  • Smart building energy management systems
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Digitally controlled lighting
  • Plenty of natural light and openable windows
  • Good energy efficiency rating

The Mille – Sustainable Office Space Near Heathrow

The Mille is a recently refurbished landmark building situated on the Great West Road in Brentford. The beauty of this area when looking to rent an office is that Heathrow is very nearby, making it an incredibly well-located place from which to run a business.

Offering TREND controlled air conditioning, Fagerhult LED lighting, DALI-controlled lighting and plenty of natural light with openable windows, The Mille ticks many of the sustainable office space boxes.

Want to discover more about renting an office in Heathrow? Why not talk to one of our sole agents to arrange a viewing at The Mille?

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