How Office Space in Brentford Could be the Key to International Growth

Here’s a look at why office space in Brentford, close to Heathrow, a thriving airport, could prove a lucrative move for the growth of your organisation

If expanding into international markets forms part of your business growth plan, finding a location for your headquarters that is close to a thriving airport could be a good move. Here’s a look at why office space in Brentford, close to Heathrow, could prove a lucrative move for the growth of your organisation.

Many business owners dream of expanding into overseas markets. But whilst achieving global success is not without its challenges, there are many benefits to be enjoyed and, if done well, the potential to achieve a good profit can be very appealing. Here’s why you may wish to consider overseas expansion.

New Revenue Potential

When you take a business global, you open yourself up to a much wider customer base. Increased revenue comes with overseas success, and can be a good way to boost turnover once you have saturated domestic markets.

Greater talent pool

Another great benefit of taking your business global is that you can enjoy access to a new pool of potential talent. You may well discover that these new employees have skills that are difficult to find in your home country, which can give you an advantageous edge over competitors which are yet to expand abroad.

Flexible workspaces

No one wants to be tied to a desk these days, and achieving that sense of home at work is ever-important. A range of work zones is the name of the game, with flexible breakout areas featuring easy chairs to encourage staff to relax when they need to, just as they would when working from home and need some head space.

Social areas, meeting spaces, telephone pods and collaboration zones are all supportive of activity based working, where staff get to carry out tasks in the environment that best suits them and the task at hand.

Wider cultural outreach

Exposing your business to new cultures can help enrich it and make it more appealing to a wider audience. With a deepened understanding of overseas societies and customs, you will gain a much improved perspective on customer relations, which could even help enhance relationships with domestic customers and partners.

Enhanced reputation

Businesses that successfully go global and market their offerings to an overseas audience can enjoy the kudos of referring to themselves as an international organisation. This is quite an accolade, leading to potential customers and partners thinking more highly of your organisation.

Market diversification

A business with limited market outreach is at high risk, because if those markets experienced a sudden shift due to unforeseen circumstances, it could lead to a disastrous loss of income. Diversifying means spreading risk so, if there is a localised issue somewhere, you’ll still have income from other areas that have remained unaffected.

So there you have some very good reasons to globalise your business. But what about location?

The benefits of locating near an airport

Ideally, when you are looking to expand into foreign markets, you’ll be located somewhere that affords you ease of passage to visit customers, partners and suppliers abroad. A location close to an international airport is an ideal scenario.

The world’s busiest international airport, and the hub of the aviation world, is Heathrow Airport. With a pre-pandemic annual passenger flow of over 80 million, 33 per cent of those being business travellers, and with 90 airlines serving more than 180 destinations across 90 countries, this is an airport of considerable importance and opportunity, especially for the business considering global expansion.

Just 15 miles outside of central London, Heathrow itself is exceptionally well located, benefiting from outstanding transport links.

Heathrow Central Railway Station offers a non-stop service to and from Paddington every 30 minutes, and the Heathrow Express connects Terminals 2 and 3 to central London with a non-stop service every 15 minutes. There are also three London Underground stations at Heathrow, and a variety of of bus, coach, taxi, and car rental options are readily available. When Crossrail is completed, Heathrow will link directly with much of east London. The M4, M25, A4 and A30 all make Heathrow easily accessible by road.

Situating a business at Heathrow could present fantastic potential for international growth, with such ease of access to a global audience, as well as a central UK location which is ideal in terms of logistics.

Two thirds of the UK’s top 300 companies have their headquarters within a 25-mile radius of Heathrow airport, making it an area that’s brimming with opportunities.

Looking for international growth friendly office space? Brentford and The Mille could be the answer

Exceptionally well-connected in terms of transport, with Heathrow Airport just 15 minutes by car and Waterloo just half an hour away by train, Brentford makes an excellent choice to situate a business with international growth ambitions. What’s more, the area is home to The Mille, a recently refurbished landmark building ideally located on the Great West Road.

The Mille is a fully refurbished office building offering all the modern conveniences that today’s workforce demands. Features include TREND controlled air conditioning, DALI controlled lighting and superfast fibre optic broadband, as well as onsite car parking, covered cycle racks and free Brompton bicycle hire. The building has its own onsite café, together with convenient 24-hour access and security.

In terms of office space, Brentford-based The Mille offers fully fitted options, as well as blank spaces ready for you to put your own stamp on.

If you are looking for an international growth-friendly office to let, Heathrow has to be worth thinking about, and with all the opportunities that The Mille in nearby Brentford has to offer, there is plenty to consider.

To learn more about how an office at The Mille could help support your international expansion plans, please feel free to contact one of our sole agents to arrange a viewing.

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