4 Interior Design Trends a Commercial Property to Rent Near Heathrow Can’t Forgo

Office interior design can support a smooth transition back to the workplace.

As the country prepares to the shift, some clear trends have emerged in office interior design, many of them influenced by the pandemic. Here we explore some of the most popular and look at why, when seeking commercial property to rent, Heathrow can make the ideal option for the business looking to provide its staff with a workspace that’s bang on-trend.

The pandemic has brought with it a wave of new trends, many of them connected with working. Even office design has altered, with safety and comfort responsible for fashioning the newly modelled workplace that many people returning to the office are beginning to experience.

So, what are the current trends in office design to look out for? Which are improving productivity, what is proving essential to staff, and how should employers respond with features and décor that could make all the difference to recruitment and staff retention?

Let’s take a look at the top office interior design trends for 2021.

1. Bringing a sense of home into the workplace

Working from home for so long left many office workers longing for a sense of comfort and familiarity once they returned to the workplace.

It is no wonder then that a top office design trend for 2021 sees creating a sense of home within the working environment. When they feel at home, workers are more relaxed and are therefore more satisfied and productive.

Introducing the likes of soft furnishings, subtle lighting, plants, and artwork will help foster those feelings of home in the office. A kitchen always helps, too, as home workers will have got well used to pausing every so often to make themselves a drink or a snack whilst grabbing some thinking time.

2. Flexible breakout areas

Much like a zoned snug at home, a breakout spot, complete with comfy chairs, cushions and rugs, is another way to bring that feeling of home into the office.

But breakout areas are so much more than this. They’re also about providing space to support the new trend for activity-based working, where staff are free to choose their ideal environment for the task at hand.

Designing in private areas for calls, huddle spots for collaborative get-togethers, and quiet zones for research and contemplation is a huge trend for 2021 that has swept through the realms of office design.

3. Light, neutral colour schemes

The use of lighter colour schemes in office design is a definite trend for 2021. Grey is a popular choice. Its popularity probably has been boosted because it’s one of the two Pantone Colours of the Year.

Natural tones are also in vogue, greens and browns, with light wood finishes making an appearance on floors and walls.

Neutrality in colour brings a sense of calm, which is so important against the backdrop of the pandemic, whilst natural hues incite feelings of cheerfulness. Deeper shades like greens can energise a workspace and, for open-plan offices, colour breaks are a great way to distinguish different zones.

4. Natural and controllable lighting

Research suggests that lighting is one of the major factors influencing workplace comfort and that inadequate lighting can negatively impact efficiency and produce harmful health effects.

‘Good lighting conditions’ are said to involve as much natural daylight as possible, task-based suitable lighting, and optimal control of lighting by individuals.

Choosing a commercial property that offers plenty of natural light is, of course, the ideal scenario but, where this is not possible, the second best is to look to artificial lighting that imitates natural sunlight.

Better still, biodynamic lighting mimics the rhythm of natural light, automatically adjusting as the day progresses and in response to outside environmental factors.

Lighting that can be controlled by individual members of staff within their workspace is also bang on-trend. Research shows that worker-controlled lighting has considerable potential for boosting work satisfaction levels and improving staff retention.

Looking for commercial property to rent that ticks all the on-trend boxes?

If you are seeking on-trend, contemporary-designed commercial property to rent, Heathrow as a location could be ideal for you. As well as its fantastic transport links, Heathrow is well primed to support international growth. Better still, it is just 10 miles from one of the most iconic landmark buildings of West London. A building that is designed to support today’s workforce in so many ways.

Recently refurbished to the most exceptional standards, The Mille is situated on the Great West Road in Brentford, just a short hop from Heathrow. The building offers various commercial office space, including co-working spaces, fully fitted, serviced offices, and open-plan offices for rent on a traditional lease basis.

Neutral, primarily grey-toned décor features throughout, whilst the offices are bathed in natural light with openable windows. There is also a controllable DALI lighting system and modern Fagerhult LED lighting. Light, natural wood features across doors and lockers, and the open-plan offices present a blank canvas to create your on-trend layout, including the incorporation of breakout areas.

There are kitchens, an onsite café, a gym and shower facilities, and bicycle hire and storage. So really, office space at The Mille is very much like a home from home.

Seeking commercial property to rent near Heathrow? Look to The Mille

To learn more about sourcing on-trend commercial property to rent in Heathrow, please feel free to contact one of our sole agents to arrange a viewing at The Mille.

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