The Compromise to WFH is Getting an Office to Rent in Brentford

The pandemic situation may have seen a massive shift to working from home. However, there are many aspects of office life people have been missing out. As the nation gradually goes back to work - will people start to look to replace working FROM home to working NEAR home so they can appreciate the best of both worlds? We'll also look at why, when looking for an office to rent, Brentford could create the perfect work-life balance.

Working from home may have become a normal way of life over the past few months. Still, despite the initial romanticism, there has been a distinct show of hands in favour of returning to office life in the traditional sense.

Not everyone has fallen in love with the way working from home tends to blur the work-life balance lines. People are missing socialising with their colleagues. Some are losing out on the mentorship value of working alongside experienced teammates. Others have been left longing for a return to a structured routine that gives them a sense of meaning and purpose.

There is one thing, however, the temporary homeworking generation won't have missed, and that is the daily commute. Especially as the coronavirus pandemic has left the nation nervous of travelling on public transport.

The solution, therefore, is to find a compromise. People are looking for a way to enjoy all the benefits of working from the office such as the camaraderie, the support and the sense of being part of something, whilst taking advantage of being closer to home and cutting out the commute.

What are the advantages of working closer to home?

Workers who live closer to their offices enjoy the fact that they can walk or cycle to work. It's a far healthier way to travel and a great way to prepare for the day ahead, or clear the mind on the way home at the end of the working day.

Working closer to the office also means you get the opportunity to pop home for lunch so you can spend your break taking proper time out or checking in with home-based loved ones. There's also the fact that you can leave later in the morning, and you get home earlier in the evening, creating a much more balanced work-life scenario.

Why Brentford makes a great place to live and work

From traditional commercial lets to serviced offices and modern co-working spaces, there is a great deal of choice when it comes to offices to rent in Brentford. Another benefit to the business owner is the fact that rental rates generally tend to be lower than those of Central London, even though the area is incredibly well-connected.

With Waterloo just 30 minutes away by train and Heathrow Airport only 15 minutes by car, Brentford really is a very well-located place to be for any business. The benefits don't end there. Aside from being attractive to the business owner, this is also a fantastic place to live. So, if you are thinking about an office to rent Brentford really does offer an attractive proposition for your workforce.

Brentford's River Thames location makes the area a tranquil one, and properties tend to be more reasonably priced than neighbouring districts such as Ealing.

For the family-orientated individual, there are several well-rated schools, and for those who value the outdoor life and leisure facilities, green space, and local attractions abound. From the vibrant Arts Centre and the Grand Union Canal to Syon House, with its nature reserve and expansive park, to Boston Manor Park and its 28 acres of Natural Conservation Area incorporating beautiful woodland and open space, there is a great deal to attract the worker who demands that perfect work-life balance.

The Brentford Project is set to enhance life for those who live and work in the area. The programme includes a substantial residential zone offering up some 900 homes as well as an open-air pool and members-only gym and spa. The High Street will be revitalised as part of the scheme, and a new social hub known as the Waterside will offer an array of social opportunities.

When Looking for a London Office to Rent Brentford Ticks all the Boxes

Any business looking to locate to a London suburb would do well to consider Brentford. It's reasonable when it comes to the cost of renting office space, but still presents a host of attractive advantages, not least the opportunity for staff to work closer to a great place to live.

The Mille is a recently refurbished landmark building situated on the Great West Road in Brentford. It offers a choice of office space, including an open plan and fully fitted options. The building also presents a host of features including 24-hour access and security, stacks of natural light, serviced meeting rooms and co-working spaces, covered cycle racks and free Brompton bikes.

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