4 Trends Driving the Choice for Office Space Near Heathrow

As children return to school and companies start to invite their employees back into the office, a number of new trends about office space - and how companies rent them - have emerged.

Born as a result of the past few months working from home - and the challenging situation we now find ourselves in due to the pandemic - these trends set out a roadmap for office space, Heathrow and beyond. These trends also bring us straight to a blueprint of what future workplaces may look like.

Keep reading to discover what is driving companies and their employees to return to their offices. Also, why - for those looking for a new office space, Heathrow could be the perfect choice for them.

1. The need for healthier workplaces

Research by Harvard University found out we spend 90% of our time indoors.

Even before COVID-19, this impressive figure called for office buildings to be ‘healthy’ and keep people feeling comfortable and safe at all times.

In the current pandemic, the importance of a clean and ‘quality’ indoor environments becomes an imperative for the wellbeing of people.

Especially when speaking about workplaces, people-centric solutions that ensure occupants feel safe are strategic in making the return to the office transition a seamless experience.

That’s where Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) provides a focused strategy to bring workplaces to the standards required to achieve healthy buildings.

IEQ standards help property owners set out the framework needed for them to adapt the office building to a safe return. They also provide an invaluable signal to occupiers that an office space has been equipped to have occupiers’ wellbeing as a priority.

This goal can be achieved by using smart technologies such as smart sensors and meters. These devices can deliver accurate monitoring of the office space ventilation, including the overall air quality, temperature and humidity. By keeping track of the CO2 levels produced by our respiration and any other pollutant which has entered the building, these systems help managers advise on the number of people in a specific area so that it stays within healthy levels.

2. The office space location shift

People don’t feel comfortable using public transport, yet.

The current climate is projecting a trend previously seen, for the most part, in the residential sector: the shift to locations that allow employees to cycle or drive to their place of work.

Location has always been a significant factor when choosing an office space. Before the pandemic, this would have meant selecting an office space in a rich and bustling hub, positioned near a well serviced transport link.

Even if this concept is still very much needed, the move to a more suburban area meets more than the usual needs. It could mean safer travel to and from work, thanks to dedicated cycling paths in the surrounding area, and available parking space next to the office building.

It would also signify a better-balanced working-life, with higher chance of amenities nearby and a greater likelihood of abundant green space for staff to relax in during free time.

In this, companies will find that for office space, Heathrow very much answers all the requirements. The Mille, for example, offers on-site car parking as well as having Brompton bikes available on-site free of charge.

3. Plug & Play office space

Flexibility is the buzzword of the moment.

In these shifting times, companies need flexibility to scale up or down as well as having to provide an office space that inspires and makes their employees want to go back to it.

Needing to manage the numbers of people in the workplace carefully, and at any one time, some companies may have to increase the space required to accommodate their teams. Others may well decide to downsize.

What is apparent in all this is that companies need to be able to make changes quickly and be up and running at no time.

A Plug & Play office space is a workplace ready to be moved in and start operations from day one. A completely furnished and equipped, it efficiently and cost-effectively provides a solution in these uncertain times.

4. Smart technology for safe return and social engagement

In the past months of WFH, solitude and lack of social interaction during working hours have taken a toll on many.

The office environment is the centre of social activity.

The reintroduction of face to face team meetings, after work activites and general social interaction can have a positive effect on both wellbeing and mental health.

Smart technology is helping property owners keep the work community engaged and motivated by offering a real-time link and active connection to their work community. Also, it’s turning out to be the perfect tool for keeping occupiers informed of all the activities being undertaken and solutions being implemented to make the return safe.

For example, the use of smart technology is making access to the building safe by providing contactless access throughout the building.

Occupiers and their visitors can, in fact, enter the premises without the need for plastic cards, fobs or keys. Thanks to their personal smartphone, access can be granted remotely at all needed access point of the building, be they doors, turnstiles, lifts or parking spaces.

The Mille and office space Heathrow

The Mille is a recently refurbished landmark building offering exceptional office space near Heathrow. Situated on the Great West Road in Brantford, this building is very well-located to provide the perfect solution to a thriving business.

Offering TREND controlled air conditioning, Fagerhult LED lighting, DALI-controlled lighting and plenty of natural light with openable windows, The Mille offers a healthy environment, wellbeing amenities and much more.

Sounds the right office space for you? Talk to one of our sole agents to arrange a viewing today.

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